b r i g a n d

Frankie Bagnardi

I've been writing JavaScript for many years, moving from building web apps with jQuery to Knockout.js to AngularJS. Today I mainly use React.js, which I began learning in early 2014. While I specialize in frontend, I spend a good chunk of my time writing server code.

Most of my open source work is JS library development. My Github profile shows some of the projects I've worked on.

Rust is my language of choice for projects where JS or other web technologies aren't suitable. Some of the AWS lambda functions, deployment tools, and bots I've implemented are written in Rust.

I'm very into meta-programming, and enjoy writing babel plugins, static analysis tools, and codemods in JS. In Rust I've written procedural macros to generate code based on type definitions. It's an important area of programming that I'd like to see more people take on.

I very much enjoy helping other people learn and solve issues. I've spent quite a bit of time on StackOverflow in the past. Currently I mostly hang out in web development channels on freenode, and occasionally the Reactiflux discord.

I also have a YouTube channel with occasionally posted programming videos.

You can reach me at f.bagnardi@gmail.com.